Friday, October 1, 2010

Master bath remodel

This is a master bath remodel we did in Canton Mi. Walls were moved to enlarge the area,new plumbing and electrial were ran to accomadate the new double sink vanity and new under floor heat system.
The tile for the bath floor is a 12x12 travertine installed on a diagonal and the shower walls are a 4x4 travertine on a diagonal surrounded by 2 rows of 2x2 and a 1/2x12 pencil liner.The niche is a Noble 303 wide arch combo that is tiled with a glass/stone mix to give it its features.
Waterproofing with Laticretes Hydrobarrier and thinset of choice was Laticretes 4XLT and grouted with Permacolor.
The granite counter top we installed is 1 1/4" New Venetian Gold with ogee edge work and 3/4 ripped down backsplash with undermount sinks and new Delta Victorian faucets.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Large format travertine install

This is a large format travertine tile install we just completed in Romulas Mi. This install consisted of approx. 500 sq ft of 18x18x1/2 travertine tile.
The floor prep consisted of removing the old vinal/luan floor and installing an additional layer plywood to the subfloor, we then laid the permabase cement board in a layer of thinset and screwed it down and taped the seams.
The floor was then checked for dips and filled accordinly.
The tile was installed with Laticretes 4XLT medium bed thinset and grouted with their Permacolor grout.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Stone tub surround in Canton, Mi.

This is a stone travertine tile tub surround we just completed in Canton, Mi. The bathroom was gutted to the studs and subfloor and a new 32" cast iron tub was installed. All new plumbing and electrial were ran to accomadate the new fixtures.

The travertine tile is a 10x20 stone with a matching border piece installed in a running bond pattern and the bath floor is a 13x13 porcelain on a diagonal.

Laticretes "Hydroban" was used for the waterproofing of the walls and Laticretes "4XLT and Permacolour " were used as the thinset and grout of choice.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Travertine shower install in Livonia, Mi.

This is a travertine stone tile install we just completed in Livonia, Mi. We re- framed the shower to make it as large as possible in a small area, then plumbed it for new shower controls and moved the drain to a more central location, A "Noble" CPE shower pan liner was then installed on top of a mortor pre-slope and "Permabase" backer board installed on the walls, the board was then waterproofed with Laticretes "Hydroban" to give a water tight enclosure. A final sloped mud bed was then installed on top of the liner and curb and the curb was also waterproofed with "Hydroban".

The thinset of choice for this project was Laticretes "4XLT" which is a high performance medium bed , non-sag thinset and has become our main thinset of choice because of its superior characteristics. Each piece of travertine was back buttered before been placed into a notched bed of thinset to ensure a proper bond.

The design the homeowners picked was a pattern they saw at a local tile store and when installed really complemented their space. We took photos of the display and then recreated it in the space we had available. The shower was then grouted with Laticretes 1500 "Sauterne" grout . To give it the final finish it was then trimmed out with Delta shower trim in an oiled bronze finish. New "Euro Style" shower doors have been ordered and await installation.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Master bath remodel in Northville, Mi.

This is one we just finished up in Northville Mi., it had the original white 4x4 builders special on the walls and tub deck and bath floor. We gutted everything to the studs and sub floor except the top of the tub (so as not to damage it, as it was not to be removed). Studs were shimmed where necessary and Durock backerboard was installed and taped and mudded with thinset, the walls were then given two coats of "Laticretes Hydroban" so as to waterproof the shower.

A "Noble" niche was used for the recessed shelve and installed where the customer requested, the tile was then installed using "Laticrete's 4XLT" thinset and grouted with their sanded 1500 grout (parchment), New "Delta Victorian"shower controls were then installed and the original toilet set back in place . Euro glass doors have now been ordered and will be installed within two weeks to finish this now modern look.
If you would like a bath room remodel or any sort of tile installed in and around Livonia, Canton, Plymouth, Northville or any of S.E Michigan, please give us a call (734) 513-5041

Monday, May 3, 2010

Steam shower in Plymouth, Michigan

This is a steam shower we just completed in Plymouth Mi., There was an original shower there that had a fibreglass tray and this was removed and the old tile was demoed to the studs. The new shower was framed and enlarged and the ceiling sloped to allowed for condensation run off. It was then plumbed for a new shower valve and the steam generator and electric ran to power the new steam generator. It was also insulated and boarded with Durock backer board and the Schluter Kerdi membrane was applied to make the shower vapour proof.

The tile is a 12x18 on the bottom part of the shower with a 2x2 and 3x6 mix for a decorative border that ran through the recessed shelve and then a 12x12 on top, all the tile was porcelain. The bench top and curb top was custom made slab granite that was fabricated at a local slab shop and then cut to size on site by our installers to fit the exact dimensions.

It was then grouted with Laticrete's Perma Colour grout and Laticrete's Latasil silicone was used at all changes of plain. Then the final fixtures were attached and sealed with silicone.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Glass tile install using the Laticrete "one step method"

This is a bathroom wall we did about one year ago with paper face mounted glass tile mosaics.

The bathroom is in Canton, Michigan and the home owner was a past client of ours.

To install this glass we used the Laticrete "one step method" which consists of mixing the sanded grout which was Laticrete Bright White 1500 grout with their 4237 admix to make basically a grout adhesive. The mixture is spread on the wall and then spread on the back of the mosaics and then the sheets are mounted on the wall and beaten in with a block of wood or float.

The sheets are then let set-up for approx. 15 -20 minutes and are then whetted down with a sponge and let sit a few more minutes so the water can dissolve the glue and then the paper is slowly pulled back and removed. When the paper is removed the individual pieces can be re-aligned if needed and can also be cleaned down with a sponge.

A finished install in one go and no messing around with a knife or bristle brush the next day trying to clean thinset out of the joints.